Individually configured Ruby on Rails cluster
Custom High End Cluster
  1. Individual hosting architecture

    You describe your situation to us. Together we will then map out your requirements and create a Rails hosting infrastructure that is adapted to your requirements.

    Ruby on Rails hosting that is perfectly adapted to your application.

  2. Focus on Ruby on Rails

    Your Rails System is managed by administrators with many years of experience in the operation of complex Ruby on Rails platforms (20+ servers). ImageMagick, Sphinx, Solr, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Varnish etc. are among the common components.

    System administrators who really know the Ruby on Rails environment.

  3. PHP, Python and Java applications are no problem

    Large scale Ruby on Rails applications rarely come alone. We also take over the running of PHP, Python(, …) and Java applications on your behalf.

    One contact person for the operation of your infrastructure.

  4. Automated installation

    Especially in the case of growing Rails systems, consistent installation automation is not only the basis for rapid growth but also for rapid fault clearance in the case of a complete server breakdown.

    Automated installation with Opscode Chef.

  5. Individual support solutions

    Whether it is a question of 8/5 support during the hours of business, seamless 24/7 support or dedicated support workers. We find the right support and management solution for you.

    Your server gets support as and when needed.

Experience shows that the most successful Ruby on Rails applications are not standard applications from Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Apache. They are often delivered with individual system components and services, on which they are dependent or on which they are based.

These include popular services of the Ruby on Rails community such as ImageMagick, Sphinx, Solr, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Varnish etc.

However, entirely individual services, e.g. of third party manufacturers, partner companies or of associated companies and legacy systems must often also be operated or at least integrated.

It is precisely in this situation where the providers of standard solutions fail to make the grade and individual support becomes unreliable.

This is the strength of enterprise rails. Make sure you benefit from it.

At last we can now concentrate on our product again. The morale of the team is higher and productivity is boosted. — Angelo Maron, Tolingo.