Enterprise-Rails hosts, an online car dealer. This is a project shared by Sixt AG and Axel Springer Auto Verlag GmbH.

    Tight networking with potent partner pages and repetitive media presence make hosting this platform a challenge. Expert system design and the use of suitable cache solutions make it possible to handle unforeseen and demanding load peaks with ease.

  • Tolingo

    Hosting of the online portal is based on Enterprise-Rails technology too.

    Clients can use at any time to access over 2,500 certified translators all over the world who translate for tolingo in over 220 language pairs and all relevant fields.

    Professional architecture, comprehensive installation automation and good scaelout management are essential to such a successful and rapidly growing platform.


    YOU-DRIVE links driving instructors and learner drivers in a common portal. It gives learner drivers access to an intelligent E-learning platform that prepares them efficiently for their theoretical driving test.  The integrated community permits all users to communicate among themselves and offers space for friendships, discussions and interesting information associated with the subject of driving licenses.

    The YOU-DRIVE SaaS solution is the information technology backbone of many driving schools. Rail-Hosting of it hence needs to be rugged and failsafe. YOU-DRIVE is therefore run on high end hardware, is of redundant design and is watched over by an efficient monitoring system.


    Avarteq implemented the re-launch of the motor biking community platform.

    The platform is based on Avarteq’s community software Web Modula CT , staff support operation of this software with word and deed.


  • kanban-kanbanery
    We’ve moved Kanbanery from our own servers to Enterprise Rails in order to cut fixed costs and free our team from the burden of sysop work. Due to our current system architecture, it was not possible to move the system to a PaaS provider and rewriting them would have been way too expensive. Luckily we’ve found Enterprise Rails with their great team. They have shown the great ability to adapt to our business needs and provided all necessary technical knowledge required to prepare the custom hosting architecture we needed. Finally, we can focus on our application, again.