Four-server Ruby on Rails clusters
Quad High end cluster
  1. Two database servers

    The two database servers are equipped with especially fast SAS hard-disks as well as a special RAID controller.

    Very high database performance

  2. Two application servers

    Your application uses the resources of two dedicated physical machines.

    Excellent performance and failsafe.

  3. No Single Point of Failure (SPOF)

    Redundancy built into key system components.

    Increased availability.

  4. MA/SL replication

    Fast and failsafe.

    With the high-end-storage backend, your assets are always highly available.

  5. Redundant load balancer (LB)

    If an LB goes down, it is immediately replaced by the failover LB.

    Your application is always available.

Increase the productivity of your developers and outsource hosting of your Ruby on Rails application to the experts. Because only the long-term experience and the resulting productivity can ensure truly cost-efficient management of an application with the best possible service quality.

In four-server systems, your database runs on two dedicated servers. This is advantageous as relational databases such as MySQL cannot be scaled up by adding more servers. Thus right from the word go the database is optimally configured. The two application servers deliver your Ruby on Rails application and provide mutual assurance in case of faults. As the workload grows, additional application servers can be added. The system is robust and failsafe.

At last we can now concentrate on our product again. The morale of the team is higher and productivity is boosted. — Angelo Maron, Tolingo.